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By Steve99 - July 16, 2020


The default MySQL Query shown in the MySQL Query textarea when creating a Mailing List is triggering Norton to block the save request with the message "Norton blocked an attack by: Attack: PHP Shell Upload 8". Please advise.

Thank you,

By Steve99 - July 21, 2020 - edited: July 21, 2020

Hi Damon,

Yes, Norton running on my desktop. New website, new installation of the plugin.

Nothing malicious found on the server. I do believe this to be a false positive.

If I delete the default value from the MySQL Query textarea the mailing list record saves without any alert.


I just went back to test this again and the issue did not occur.

This website was just launched, and the last time I had tested was prior to launch.

Although the site is still on the same server location, the settings were updated with a dedicated IP and accessing the CMS from the clients TLD.

That being said, we have multiple dev sites on the cloud hosting platform with a common upper "test link" hostname and shared IP (until launched with dedicated IP and SSL cert). I think that's what caused the false positive, as I can now see in the advanced history there was an origin reference of one dev site and a destination reference of another dev site.

Thanks for your response, and sorry to bother you.

Best Regards,

By Damon - July 24, 2020

Hi Steve,

Glad the issue was resolved.

Thanks for your response, and sorry to bother you.

No problem. Don't hesitate to check in with us.

Damon Edis -

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