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By Toledoh - February 18, 2020

Hi All.

I've been working on a specification for a "Media Library" plugin to be built by the guys at  The intent being to be able to have a single storage point for images / documents.

Although not too costly, it is a bit much for me to cover with a single client project. Rather than waiting for additional project to contribute, I was wondering if other CMSB users would have a need for it and wish to contribute?

This would be a minimal viable product, and not released for general use for some time, but would obviously be suitable for you to use on multiple projects.

If you are interested - please get in touch (email: tim at toledoh dot com dot au) and we can discuss the specifics.

Tim (

By Codee - July 18, 2020

Hi Tim,

Are you still working on this - haven't seen a response since you originally posted it? If you don't mind I have a couple of simple questions that others might also have:

* Is this to be used within a single domain or are you thinking cross-domain functionality (like a CDN)?

* You used the word "plugin" would it be relegated to be used only from within CMSB sites/functions, outside, or a combination?  I am wondering the process here for prompting the need. For example, I have a client that uploads an absurd amount of photos to his site via the standard CMSB functionality. IF he were to be skilled enough to utilize a higher speed uploading process such as FTPS he could save exponentially on upload time. 

There's another potential here in this concept. Image uploading has always been a challenge because of the very nature of the file types, etc. (remember not too long ago the challenges with flash uploading being dumped, etc?). If the image filenames were pre-configured into either/both the CMSB code/php-html code then having a separate high-speed upload/storage system could provide quite a few advantages for speed, storage, security and probably price. 

By Codee - July 21, 2020 you envision of way without the need for javascript?