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By CommonSenseDesign - January 22, 2020

Hi, there.

Many moons ago, I put a slideshow onto my client's homepage, which is built as an iframe - that's how long ago it was! It recently stopped working, and I have no idea why.

Here's the page that contains the slideshow (which currently only has one image):

And this is the page that has the slideshow embedded as an iframe:

As you can see, the iframe doesn't show up on the page, but it does as a standalone page.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please? Does it have anything to do with http and https?

By daniel - January 22, 2020

Hi CommonSenseDesign,

Deborah is exactly right - browsers will no longer load insecure resources (HTTP) on a secure page (HTTPS) - this includes things like iframes. Updating HTTP to HTTPS will very likely fix the issue.


Technical Lead

By CommonSenseDesign - January 23, 2020

Thank you, Deborah. I'll try your suggestion.

By CommonSenseDesign - January 23, 2020

Thanks, Daniel.