Backup plugin

By gversion - November 22, 2019


I would like to be able to store daily backups for 30 days but I see it says the max number is 7. Is there a way to get around this limit please?

Thank you,


By daniel - November 25, 2019

Hi Greg,

The reason for the 7-day limit is that it creates the backup name based on the day of the week, rather than the day of the month. Overriding this would not be possible without changing the plugin itself. I think the change would be relatively simple though; if you want to attempt it you can update this line (around 133 in autoBackup.php)

  elseif ($unit == 'daily')   { $filename = 'daily-'   . date('D', $time); }

To this:

  elseif ($unit == 'daily')   { $filename = 'daily-'   . date('d', $time); }

Note that this change has not been tested, and may be overwritten/unsupported by future versions of the plugin.

Let me know if you have any more questions!


PHP Programmer