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By mbareara - October 8, 2019 - edited: October 8, 2019


i'm building a website for restaurants reviews.

I have a table with hundred of restaurants. 

And i want to build a second table with articles called "The absolute best". Something like "the absolute best pizza in one city" or in another.   

This second table has a Title, a Image, a short content, and TEN or less Restaurant with a short comment for each restaurant.

I could have a very easy article and insert in to a filed content the ten restaurants. But i would have a more smart table, creating 10 field RESTAURANT 10, RESTAURANT 9, RESTAURANT 8 and for each a comment. Just to recall in the article all the information stored in the first table for each item.

AM i on the wrong way?

Thank you


By daniel - October 9, 2019

Hi Orazio,

Yes, I think this is definitely a valid way to set up this section, and while it's a bit repetitive to set up so many fields, it's fairly simple. There is a way that you could do this without having to duplicate the restaurant+comment fields so many times with a Related Records field, but that is quite a bit more complex. Though if you're interested in learning about it I could give you a general explanation of how it could work.


Technical Lead

By mbareara - October 13, 2019

Of course! I'm interested! Thank you for sharing your solution!