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By mbareara - October 8, 2019 - edited: October 8, 2019


i'm building a website for restaurants reviews.

I have a table with hundred of restaurants. 

And i want to build a second table with articles called "The absolute best". Something like "the absolute best pizza in one city" or in another.   

This second table has a Title, a Image, a short content, and TEN or less Restaurant with a short comment for each restaurant.

I could have a very easy article and insert in to a filed content the ten restaurants. But i would have a more smart table, creating 10 field RESTAURANT 10, RESTAURANT 9, RESTAURANT 8 and for each a comment. Just to recall in the article all the information stored in the first table for each item.

AM i on the wrong way?

Thank you


By mbareara - October 13, 2019

Of course! I'm interested! Thank you for sharing your solution!


By daniel - October 15, 2019

Hi Orazio,

The general way this would work is to have three tables: restaurants, articles, and reviews (or however you'd like to call it). The "reviews" table would contain records that have restaurant/comment fields, plus a field to reference the article table (the default is "foreignFieldNum"). In the articles table you would then add a "Related Records" field that points to the "reviews" table and uses the reference field you set up previously (e.g. "foreignFieldNum"). With the Related Records field set up, you'll then be able to add as many "review" records for each article as necessary.

The whole process is a bit too involved to explain here in full, but if you do try to implement this and run into any specific issues I'm happy to help sort them out!


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