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By MercerDesign - October 7, 2019

Hi, I have a calendar and it is working really well but I need to be able to show an end time as well as a start time to an event, I have it got it to show but how can I only show it if an end time is put in?

By daniel - October 9, 2019

Hi MercerDesign,

I think Jerry has the right idea here. Let me know if you have any more trouble!


PHP Programmer

By MercerDesign - October 10, 2019

Hi, I have this code and it does work so that if an end time is not put into the CMS editor nothing will show but I need it to display in the same time format as the start time, so in a 12 hour clock format and without the date reference, I have tried different things but i just can't get it to work:

<h3><?php echo htmlencode($record['title']) ?></h3>
<p><strong><?php echo date("g:i a", strtotime($record['start_date'])) ?></strong></p>
<?php if($record['end_time'] != "0000-00-00 00:00:00") : ?>
<?php echo $record['end_time'] ?>
<?php endif; ?>

<p><?php echo htmlencode($record['location']) ?></p>

So if there is a start and end time I want it to display as 9.30 am - 2.00 pm, if there is no end time it will just display as 9.30 am

By daniel - October 10, 2019

Hi MercerDesign,

For the end date, you should be able to copy how date() and strtotime() is being used to format the start date. Something like this:

<?php echo date("g:i a", strtotime($record['end_time'])) ?>

As well, here's a quick reference for the different formatting codes that can be used in the date() function: https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.date.php

Let me know if that does the trick.


PHP Programmer

By MercerDesign - October 11, 2019

Perfect, thank you. I did try that before but must have got it in the wrong place. Again, thank you.