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By gversion - September 30, 2019


I am using the auto-expire setting for a user's login session under Admin >Security Settings as this is really important for my website.

Would it be possible to automatically redirect the user to the login page when their login session expires?

The reason I ask is because I am using DataTables and if the user tries to search the DataTable when their login session has expired then an error is thrown. But the user isn't to know that the error has been caused by the fact that their session has expired. If they were auto redirected to the login screen then I think this would improve the user flow...



By gversion - September 30, 2019

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the message.

These are frontend pages of my website that are using the website membership plugin.

When the user refreshes the page they will be returned to the login screen.

Thanks again,


By daniel - September 30, 2019

Hi Greg,

Generally, the expiry is only checked on page load, so to do this without a refreshing will require some custom scripting to periodically check the user's login status.

The approach I'd take would be to create a PHP file that checks if the user is logged in, and outputs a simple value (e.g. 0 or 1) depending on the result. Then add some JavaScript to the header that uses jQuery's $.ajax() method ( to call the PHP script and check which value it returns, and refresh the page if necessary. The setInterval() method ( can be used to continually repeat the AJAX call.

If you need any hands-on help setting this up feel free to send us an estimate request ( - otherwise I'm happy to answer any more specific questions you have.


Technical Lead

By gversion - October 1, 2019

Hi Daniel,

That's really excellent advice, thank you very much.

I will see if I can get this working myself and if not then be in touch with you guys again!



By kitsguru - October 11, 2019 - edited: October 11, 2019

A session expires at the set interval after the browser is closed. An interval of 30 minutes means 30 minutes after quitting the browser. An interval of 0 means as soon as the browser is closed. Reopening the browser to the site within the interval, resets the timer.

you can override this by using javascript ajax to delete the session cookie and unset the PHP session variable.


Jeff Shields

By gversion - October 13, 2019

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for explaining this - very good to know.