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Loaded the CMSB v3.53 on Tuesday,

Everything worked great until today. Logged onto CMS with no problems, however; any attempt to surf the sections or admin I am logged out with the following message:

"You've been logged out due to inactivity, please login again to continue."

Tried going direct via page link to any section or admin also returns the same error!

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks - nmsinc



Checked and looks like the database was deleted when our server did a update. I do have a backup of the database!

Cant get past the first post issue though - I may need to start a new session so how can I force the CMS to think that it's a new install?

Thanks - nmsinc


Hi nmsinc,

If you need to you can force a new install by deleting the data>isInstalled.php file.

One of the choices then is to restore from database backup.

Good luck,

Jerry Kornbluth

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Thanks Jerry, I will give that a try!


Hi Jerry,

Your solution worked great - thanks!