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Hi guys.

I've built a custom 404 page and trying to display it while the page is still staged.  I've edited permalinks.php to read

$GLOBALS['PERMALINKS']['404_not_found_filepath'] = __DIR__ .'/404/'; // filepath to include if Permalink isn't found

changed to various versions of than 

$GLOBALS['PERMALINKS']['404_not_found_filepath'] = __DIR__ .PREFIX_URL. '/404/'; // filepath to include if Permalink isn't found

Any suggestions?  If a problem I can move that file to the permalinks folder, but Id rather keep it in the root.

I currently get the error: Notice: Couldn't find filepath for 404 page: '/home/stmarysbundaberg/public_html/cmsb/plugins/permalinks/~stmarysbundaberg/404/'! in /home/stmarysbundaberg/public_html/cmsb/plugins/permalinks/permalinks.php on line 279


Tim Forrest

Toledoh Enterprises


Hi Tim,

There's a string you can set in "permalinks_notFound404.php" for a separate custom 404 page:

  ### If you already have a 404 page you want to use just change the URL below and uncomment it the line
  //$alternate404Url = "http://www.example.com/some-other-404-page.php";

Or you could style the html in that file itself.

Hope this helps!