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By wolf66 - August 11, 2019

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I am now getting this error on a site that I moved however my /cmsAdmin/data/schema/ folder does contain the uploads.ini.php folder. 

By daniel - August 14, 2019

Hi wolf66,

What version of CMSB are you using? I should be able to provide you with a replacement uploads.ini.php file.


Technical Lead

By daniel - August 20, 2019

Hi wolf66,

If you grabbed the file from a fresh unzip, that should be the correct file. A few things that could be preventing the schema from updating:

  • Try visiting the "CMS Setup > Section Editors" page. Schema files aren't scanned on every page load, but visiting the Section Editors page will force it.
  • Are you using a custom data folder location? If so you'll need to make sure the schema file is updated in the custom location.

If neither of these fixes the issue, feel free to submit a 2nd level support request and I can investigate the issue directly:


Technical Lead