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By gregThomas - July 26, 2019

Hey Carole, 

The source of the issue in the post you referenced was customizations to the wysiwg.php file in the CMS Builder lib directory. If you're running a custom WYSIWYG file, I'd recommend looking over it to check if there are any PHP formatting issues. 

If you've not made any changes to that file, please could you answer the following troubleshooting questions for me:

  1. What version of CMSB is the site using?
  2. Can you relay any errors being shown in the browser developer console? (To see this: In Chrome, navigate to a page with a missing WYSIWYG editor, press F12, click the "Console" tab, and then reload the page)
  3. After checking the browser console, can you check the Developer Log page (under Admin Menu in CMSB) and relay any error messages that show up there?

These will give me a better idea of what the source of the issue could be.



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com