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By daniel - July 12 - edited: July 12

Hi All!

We've just released CMSB v3.52 beta 1 (beta list members will get an email shortly). 

Along with our regular round of bugfixes and minor improvements, we've been working hard on adding a bunch of highly-requested features, resulting in a release that we're all pretty excited about!

A few highlights:

  • New Editor Fields: We've added Tab Groups to the Section Editors to give you a lot more flexibility in organizing your editor layouts, as well as hidden input fields for more advanced JavaScripting possibilities.
  • Upgrade to InnoDB: This latest release will update all of your site's MySQL tables from MyISAM to the InnoDB storage engine. InnoDB has improved feature support and is better suited to CMS applications.
  • Security Settings/Audit Log: We've moved all of the security-related settings from General Settings to their own page, and have added an Audit Log that tracks various site actions - such as login attempts and record modification. We have a lot more plans for improving Security in CMSB in the future so watch this space!

Full changelog:

- Section Editors: Added "Insert Field Here" (+) link to allow inserting a new field beside an existing field
- Section Editors: New "Tab Group" field for organizing section editor fields
- Section Editors: New '<input type="hidden">' advanced field for inserting hidden fields in sections.
- Server Admin: Admin > General > Disk Space now has an option to show largest files (for linux servers)
- Server Admin: Admin > Background Tasks now includes setup instructions for cPanel, Plesk, Windows, and Linux
- Database: Switched default storage engine from MyISAM to InnoDB
- Field Editor: "Update all existing records" feature available when adding a new field with a default value.
- Background Tasks: New option to limit the number of entries stored in the background task log.
- Category Menus: Now possible to assign Author/Viewer access to category menu sections.
- Admin Menu: Security Settings have been moved to their own menu
- Audit Log: Now logs login events and record add/modify/delete

- Select upload dialog only shows matching file extensions.
- Libraries: Updated TinyMCE from v4.9.0 to v4.9.4 (Released 2019-03-20)
- Libraries: Upgraded jQuery to v3.4.1
- Section Editors: New menu groups get default table suffix of "_menugroup" for usability

- Plugins: Added fix for issue that may cause plugins to get deactivated when they're being uploaded
- Category Menu: drag-order functionality no longer dependant on "name" column.
- Misc Code and other minor improvements.

If you're not already on the beta tester email list and you'd like to get notified of upcoming betas you can sign up here: http://www.interactivetools.com/news/manage.php

And you can download the latest beta here: https://www.interactivetools.com/order/download.php

Please post any feedback, questions, or bugs you find! Thanks!

PHP Programmer

Hi all,

We discovered an issue where it was possible for the InnoDB upgrade to target tables that aren't part of the CMSB schema but are in the same database (e.g. using different DB prefixes in the same database). We've corrected this issue (with a few other small tweaks) and released a new version of the beta that's available here: https://www.interactivetools.com/download/ (Beta 2 Build 2252).


Love the tabs!  That's going to be well used.  I notice that you can start the tabs section part-way down the page - so have fields above the tabs that stay fixed, but I don't think you can end the tabs sections?  I don't know why you would want to do that though...

Glad to hear you like them! They're one of the new features we're most excited about. You're correct in how they function; there's no way to "end" the tab sections, but any fields that you don't want to be included within the tabs can be placed above them.

With the hidden fields, can you give me some user scenarios on how they may be of value? Is it more for adding functionality to the CMS screens?

It's more the latter, for developer use; it adds a field to CMS screens that can be targeted by JavaScript but isn't visible at all.

This opens up in the same window, and going "back" causes an error, closing it means you close your admin..

In the new beta release mentioned above, this link now opens in a new tab, which should resolve this issue.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Loving the new tabs feature and field insert. Good to see the transition to InnoDB. Looking forward to seeing future security enhancements as well.

One very minor note, the Menu Group for Admin Menu closes when clicking on the new Audit Log link while it remains in open state for the other section links.


Hey Steve,

Thanks for the feedback! Good catch on the Audit Log menu issue; we'll have that fixed in the full release.


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I've not explored all options yet, but very much love the new Tab Group Option. I do wish they could be "ended" (and restarted), possibly with use of a following generic separator field to indicate that switch?

When adding an upload field I'm seeing "Error: Allowed File extensions have not been specified." Usually we indicate allowed file extensions after the field is created. Is there now a master list of allowed file extensions or does this area need work?

Audit Log is a useful addition!

~ Deborah

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for the feedback! We wanted to keep the tab group implementation simple for this first iteration, though I agree that being able to end/restart the groups could be a useful feature. In this case, we want to strike a good balance between flexibility and interface complexity, but we'll definitely be watching how this new component gets used out in the real world.

Also, good catch on that upload field error; we'll have that fixed in the release version.


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