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By gversion - July 10, 2019


I have just moved servers and my listing detail pages now do not load correctly. I just see a blank white page.

All other pages are loading fine. I am using the Permalinks plugin. 

As I can't see any error on the page (I have checked the error logs too and nothing is displayed) I am really struggling to find the problem.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?



By gversion - July 11, 2019

... I have actually found some errors now.

#5416 - E_USER_ERROR: setPrefixedCookie: Can't set cookie(loginsession, ==Qf0QDN5cDOyYTNxojIzNXZjNWQ0NXYsJCLiMGM1IjYkJmZmRmMmZGZhNjYhlTOwQGOyIjYwYzYiVjN5gzYmFmZwMDJxEGazRiI6ICazFGSkJ3b3N3chBnIsISbvNmL05WYoNmcl1mYhxGQulWbkFmI6ISZtFmbyV2c1Jye), headers already sent! Output started in /home/sites/8b/7/786382f535/public_html/create-advert.php line 2.
/home/sites/8b/7/786382f535/public_html/cmsb/lib/common.php (line 706)

And here is another error:

#5415 - E_WARNING: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/sites/8b/7/786382f535/public_html/create-advert.php:3)
/home/sites/8b/7/786382f535/public_html/create-advert.php (line 20)

I'd be really grateful if someone could explain how I can fix these.



By daniel - July 11, 2019

Hi Greg,

Those errors are generally caused by some whitespace existing above the script tags. You can try to find and remove this whitespace, or you can try Dave's solution here:

Let me know if you're able to resolve the issue, or have any other questions!


PHP Programmer