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By jenolan - June 18, 2019

I use my own code to drive displays but what is happening when a wysiwyg field is pushed out is that right and left apostrophes (like `) are showing as invalid utf-8 characters. What I have been doing is manually editing the db record to change them to &rsquo; which works but then wrecks things for later editing in cams. I did try str_replace to convert the characters but it seems as though the field is already munged in he return from the table.

Any suggestions?


By Dave - June 19, 2019

Hi Larry, 

I wasn't able to recreate this yet.  I created some angled quote text and it displayed correctly on reload in the CMS and in the viewers.  Here's my sample text: 

Hello “world” test

Some things to try: 

  • Do the quotes redisplay correctly in the CMS?
  • What charset does your browser indicate the viewer page is displaying in?
  • Try to load the record directly and display it.  Does it still not display correctly?  Sample code: 
  $record = mysql_get('news', 1); // table name, record num

Let me know what you find out.  Thanks!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Dave - June 19, 2019

Ok, glad it's working! 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer