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Hi Jerry,

It looks like that string of content is being caught by a security application on your server (Mod Security), as it likely resembles some sort of MySQL injection attack. One option - as you've noted - is to modify the string so that it no longer matches the pattern, however, that can be difficult to do without changing the meaning of the content. Another option is to follow up with your web host to see if they can tune the settings for you.

Hope that helps!


PHP Programmer

By gkornbluth - June 13 - edited: June 13

Thanks Daniel,

That's kind of what I figured.

I guess I'll just keep working around the problem.

Chances of Bluehost adjusting mod security on their servers for just me are probably slim to none.

Oh well, ces't la vie...

Really glad you're here for us!

Jerry Kornbluth

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