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By Steve99 - May 21 - edited: May 21

PHP 7.2 with CSV Export plugin. 
E_WARNING: mb_convert_variables(): Cannot handle recursive references
csvExport.php (line 149)

I researched this error and the only references found were to a PHP bug in version 7.0 during 2016. Bug #73322

Apparently it surfaced again in PHP 7.2? I haven't located any current references.

Thoughts for a possible workaround? (aside from disabling CSVEXPORT_FOR_EXCEL)


Hey Greg,

It was actually a reference to the CSV Export plugin line 149:

  // send rows
  foreach ($records as $record) {
    if ($GLOBALS['CSVEXPORT_FOR_EXCEL']) { mb_convert_variables('CP1252', 'UTF-8', $record); }

The error showed up in the export file for every row.


Hey Steve,

My apologies, I misread the plugin name. It didn't help that both plugins have that function in!

I'm running PHP version 7.2 on my test server and wasn't able to replicate the issue. The odd thing is that bug 73322 only seems to happen when multiple 'from' encoding is used, but the CSV Export plugin uses a single encoding type. Would it be possible to complete a second level support request so that I can take a closer look at the source of the error:


Please, could you include the FTP and CMS login credentials for the site affected?



Greg Thomas
PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

Hey Greg,

No worries :)  I just submitted the 2nd level support request.