GCLID Issue - weird...

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By daniel - May 7, 2019

Hi theclicklab,

It looks like the URL is being filtered by your host's security settings. I narrowed down the offending portion of the gclid to "0XEAA" which resembles a hex code (https://www.sailconnections.com/destinations/south-pacific/new-caledonia/?gclid=0XEAA), which must be matching some filtering rule. Honestly, this seems like a bit of a fluke - if you're able to create a different gclid it's highly unlikely that another would trigger the filter. Or, if not, you may need to contact your host directly to see if they're able to relax the security settings or find some other remedy.

Hope that helps, let me know any questions!


Technical Lead

By theclicklab - May 7, 2019

Hi Daniel, thats pretty random, thanks for picking that up. Probably caused by cloudflare.