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By JeffC - March 5, 2019

My customer has started using an SEO company to improve the rankings of his site and they have flagged-up an issue. I'm not sure if what they are saying is accurate and, if it is, what i can do about it.

Basically, these two urls, which are actually the same page, are being flagged as duplicate content.

The seo company has asked me to remove one of them, which i obviously can't do.

Any advice as how how you deal with this scenario would be welcome.

Is there a chance that i have set up the permalinks incorrectly?



By daniel - March 5, 2019

Tim is correct that canonical URLs are the correct solution to this issue. For further reading and more technical specifics, I can recommend Google's documentation on duplicate content/canonical URLs:


PHP Programmer

By JeffC - March 14, 2019

Thanks Tim, thanks Daniel