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By andreasml - March 2, 2019


I wonder whether it is possible to put a date-picker image beside any date field, so as to pick the date without having to inserting separately, day, month, year. I have found the following image in another thread.

Kind regards,



date-picker.jpg 6K

By gkornbluth - March 2, 2019 - edited: March 2, 2019

Hi Andreas,

If you're talking about the back end, Deborah is right. All you'd have to do is check the Use Datepicker Display datepicker icon and popup calendar beside date fields checkbox on the Admin>General page.

If you're talking about a form, here's a thread that might help:

Otherwise, doing a Google search for something like datepicker in html form comes up with many options.

Hope that helps

Jerry Kornbluth

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By andreasml - March 2, 2019

Dear Deborah and Jerry 

Thank you both so much for your instant replies and invaluable help. 

Kind regards