503 Error on trying to install on HostWinds server

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By celuch - January 30, 2019

Does anyone have any specific workarounds to install CMSB on HostWinds server?  I've tried normal install, disabling the .ini files and several different permissions settings.  It appears to install about 5 database fields and then crashes with a 503 error.


By Dave - January 30, 2019

Hi celuch, 

Here are a few things to try:

  • Remove these files from /cmsb/ .htaccess, .user.ini, and php.ini
  • Test a phpinfo.php file to check php version: <?php phpinfo(); ?>
  • See if you can find the error logs for your website as they would contain more information.

A 503 error is for "service unavailable" which usually indicates an overloaded server, or in this case, I'd take a guess you might have an overly sensitive firewall or security extension installed (mod_security, etc).

Hope that helps!  Let me know if any of the above tips make a difference.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Dave - January 31, 2019

Hi Celuch, 

Ok, feel free to fill out a support ticket here as well and we can take a look (just select free 2nd level support request)


Dave Edis - Senior Developer