Determining...or what is determining...the order in which images are uploaded?

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By Codee - December 24, 2018

Hello all, Assuming I'm using the most recent incarnation (v3.5, or 3.16) of CMSB...what exactly determines the order in which image files, in a chosen single batch, are uploaded?  For example, let's say in my windows-based folder directory I have a folder with images image1.jpg, image2.jpg, image3.jpg,image4.jpg,image5.jpg, and image6.jpg.  And let's say that the images (named as I suggested) are in numerical order 1-6 in my directory, AND when I click to add/upload (as a batch) I select the images in the same order.  Then when, just prior to clicking "save", I see the images have uploaded in an apparently random order (like 6,3,1,2,5,4) and if I click "save" right then, the order is 6,3,1,2,5,4.


How can this be changed?

I have a client that uploads between 30 - to - 200 photos per record so using the mass uploader is critical BUT if he has to go back an reorder them again for each record it's extremely painful and thus uploading one at a time is potentially better. 

So, how can we have the mass uploader actually upload in the order that the images are selected?

Thanks in advance!

By daniel - December 27, 2018

Hi Equinox,

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to reliably determine the order of multi-uploaded files. All files are uploaded simultaneously, and the resulting order is determined by which files finish uploading first. So for example, a smaller file is likely to appear before a larger one, and small fluctuations in things like network performance can also have an impact. This may be something we can update in the future, but it's not a simple fix. 

One thing you can try that may help the images be somewhat more ordered (as long as they all have similar file size): When selecting files to be uploaded, click on the last file in the list, then hold <shift> and click on the first file in the list which should select the whole list. This will at least make sure that the files are sent to be uploaded in alphabetical order. In testing, I've found that they will end up uploading in mostly in that order, so this may help reduce the amount of manual re-ordering required.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Technical Lead

By Codee - December 27, 2018

Thank you, Daniel. And I am REALLY glad you gave me the same explanation I already gave the client! ;-) Makes sense to me. Thank you!

By Codee - December 28, 2018 - edited: December 28, 2018

Good idea, Jeff! Thank you for sharing that. Under normal circumstances I would recommend that - it's very intuitive and gives the website owner/manager greater editorial control of an automated process no matter how large the quantity of photos being uploaded. In this particular case, however, I have another plugin that processes specific functions against uploaded photos that would compromise the suggestion you made (I am simply not at liberty to explain the manipulation done by the other custom plugin). Otherwise this is an A+ solution you suggested. Thank you.