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By theclicklab - December 3, 2018 - edited: December 3, 2018

Hi there, Just wondering why I am not able to get a keyword search to return all the results available. Do you see anything obvious I am doing wrong here?

For example:

This query only returns 3 yachts:

If I search in the admin I get 10 results (see attached)

If I remove the keyword and just search for yacht_type and charter_type I can see there are 10 yachts with the name Lagoon:

If I remove the other fields from the keyword search it does work:

e.g. yacht_name_query%2Cmeta_description_query%2Cintro_query%2Cdescription_query=Lagoon >> yacht_name_query=Lagoon

so maybe Im doing something wrong with that, can you only have one query field?

Any suggestions?

By daniel - December 4, 2018

Hi theclicklab,

You have the right idea here, however "_query" only needs to be added after the last field name, like this:

For more information you can refer to the CMSB online documentation: - the relevant section here is "Multi-field search."

Let me know any further questions!


Technical Lead