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I have noticed that it is possible for a user to login using the websiteMembership plugin with either their username or their email address. Is it possible to change this so that only their username is accepted?

I actually want to use email addresses values as usernames for most users but I will assign the email address value to username when the user registers.

Do I need to change any of the SQL?

For example:

`"SELECT `username`, `password` FROM `$accountsTable` WHERE password IN (?,?) AND ? IN (`username`,`email`)"`

`"SELECT `username`, `password` FROM `$accountsTable` WHERE password IN (?,?) AND ? IN (`username`)"`

Thank you,


Hi Greg, 

A couple options:

  • We don't support just checking one field, but you could modify the code as you suggest.  If you do so I'd recommend creating a text file called _CUSTOM_CHANGES_.txt in the plugins directory that details your changes so they can be recreated when/if you upgrade the plugin
  • If it's working as is, you can also just leave that functionality in there.  If the users can't set a username then they won't be able to login with it.

Hope that helps, let me know any questions.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the advice.

The reason I started looking into this was because a user that was logging in with a username (e.g. admin) updated their password and then their username was set to their email address (e.g. admin@mydomain.com).

They then continued to login with their original username but when carrying out some actions they were being automatically  logged out. I wasn't sure if this was due to a conflict with the logins... can you think of anything that might be causing the user to be logged out?

I have now set the user's login back to the username and they haven't had any further issues as yet.



Hi Greg, 

If you're using Website Membership, then on the signup and edit profile pages check for this setting and make sure it's set to true: 

$useUsernames = true; // Set this to false to disallow usernames, email will be used as username instead
Dave Edis - Senior Developer