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By Twocans - October 1, 2018

Hi all,
I was wondering has anyone used or is using a good css compiler, aka at present usually I have say css page for page layout, a css page for the nav, then css pages for another tool or two on my website page, thus all in all I can have a page with say 4 or 5 css pages linked to it. I don't want this. I want to give my client a one css linked page that has no comments in at all, and cleared of all space. Thus were the client wanting changes in the future it would mean its in their best interest to return to me. I have tried a few of the free online tools but they I found are crap, as the remove ; from classes and even make muddles of id's 

anyway if anyone used a good css compiler on a PC can you tell me what it is. I don't mind paying under say 100 pounds etc for it I just want something that works. and what would be even more brilliant is if it also compiled Javascript.



By Twocans - October 2, 2018

thanks v v much