By nmsinc - August 3, 2018

On August 1, 2018 our Geocoder page started reporting the following error:

"This page can't load Google Maps correctly."

It has worked properly for the last four years so I think it must be a Goggle change. Anyone else seeing this error?

- nmsinc


By daniel - August 8, 2018

Hi nmsinc,

One thing that can cause this error is an API Key issue. Can you please confirm that you've signed up for a Google Map API Key ( and that the key has been set correctly at the top of plugins/geocoder/geocoder.php:



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By nmsinc - August 9, 2018

Thanks for the update on this issue - looks like I need to update my geocoder to the new version!

- nmsinc


By nmsinc - August 16, 2018

My errors apply to a client website. I have two issues:

1. I have customized the current geocoder package and the new update cause my client's pages (multiple) to error out.

2. My client feels that I should have known that Google was going to change protocols on their geo site and I should fix all of the code for FREE.

I did contact Google the same way that you did and I do not understand why they need our CC as well. Each page constitutes a project the way I understand it and I'm not sure if they give a multi project (page) key or separate keys for each page. Very confusing!!!!

-- nmsinc


By daniel - August 24, 2018

Hi All,

Due to some recent changes by Google (, the info in the plugin readme.txt is no longer 100% accurate. We've been looking into the changes and will be updating our documentation with the next plugin release, but for now, I can share some of this new information with you here.

Google now provides a $200/month credit towards their API services. This translates to 40,000 geocoding requests per month (, which should be sufficient for most projects. Accessing the API does now require setting up a billing account with a CC number, but the credit will be applied automatically each month.

If you are at all concerned about exceeding the credit, it's possible to set a hard cap on API usage using quota limits ( These limits are per-day, so for the Geocoding API that would work out to roughly a "1300 requests per day" quota limit to stay under $200. Budget alerts are also available ( to get notifications about overall billing account usage.

To get an existing API key up and running with the new system, you can try checking out this link: and clicking on the Transition Tool. This tool will help identify any steps you'll need to take to reactivate the API. Alternately, here are our updated instructions for setting up a new key:

  • Visit
  • Click 'Get Started'
  • Select 'Maps' and click 'Continue'
  • Click the drop-down to either select an existing project or create a new one, 'Next'
  • Follow the steps to create/enable a billing account for this project.
  • Accept the prompt to enable the Maps API.
  • Copy the API key and paste it into the value for $GLOBALS['GEOCODER_GOOGLE_API_KEY'], and click 'Done'
  • (Optional) Click 'Secure Credentials'
    • Under Application Restrictions, select HTTP Referrers
    • Add the domain for the website(s) this API key will be used on (for example localhost,,
    • Click API restrictions
    • Select the Geocoding API from the dropdown
    • Click Save

Let me know if you have any questions, or if there's anything else I can help with.


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