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Well, after a while of getting nowhere with this, I realized it would be easier to do this in reverse.  Then, I stumbled upon this thread: https://www.interactivetools.com/forum/forum-posts.php?postNum=2202242#post2202242

Thanks to that thread, I managed to get things working. Yay!  I'll go ahead and put what I did below, just in case it helps anyone (or in case I need to refer to it again in the future).  :-)

Basically, I just created a multi-value pillbox called "members" in my "user_categories" section (which I may rename now) and pulled in "fullname" (for option labels) and "num" (for option values) from the user "accounts" section.

Then, in my viewer, I used the following "where" clause:

'where' => mysql_escapef(" members LIKE ? ", "%\t".$CURRENT_USER['num']."\t%" ),

Worked like a charm!  :-)

- Jeremy

Dwelling Productions