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This is very odd... I have had no issues for atleast 2 years now.. all of a sudden I can no longer Drag to change order of list records.. when I click to drag, it doesn't do anything. Any ideas?

Hi s2smedia, 

Which CMSB version, which section does this occur in, and what browser are you using?

And in Chrome, if you open the Developer Console (Ctrl-Shift-i or right-click > inspect) and click on the Console tab and then drag do you get any errors?  

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

CMSB 2.64

attached is error Im getting

Is upgrading to the latest version of CMSB an option? That often fixes many issues.  Or if not you could try re-uploading the v2.64 files in case any of them someone got corrupted.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

We have quite a bit of custom code done in cms. Is there any individual files I can reupload that may help??

this worked fine recently and nothing new has been done since then. Very strange. 

Are you getting the same issue with drag sorting if you log into CMS Builder with another browser or in incognito/private mode?

Damon Edis

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doesn't work in firefox, chrome or safari.

does not work in incognito either