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Hi Kenny,

Meta tags should only contain plain text so use a text box for the meta description and another one for the keywords.

Damon Edis

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Damon thank you

What I meant was rather than using an s s i using an if else, but to use data from the database for the complete meta area in one db field.

Thank you


Hi Kenny, 

There's no one "right way" to do it, but when I often do is create a single-record section called "snippets" in the CMS and record all the common site elements there.  And then I load that record on every page to output common header and footer info, etc.

That's one way you could do it.  Alternatively, if you have a section such as "articles" you could add a meta description, and meta keywords field to that section so you could output different values with each record.

Hope that helps!  Let me know any other questions.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer