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By Zicky - November 2, 2017 - edited: November 2, 2017

I have a multi section editor for "Students" and another for "Notes".

Each student is given an ID number.

In the "Students" multi section editor there is a "Related Records" which calls to "Notes" and allows the editor to "Modify, Erase, and Create" new / ongoing "Notes" records and assign the note created to a student.

In "Notes" I have a field type "List" which allows the editor to assign the student's ID Number by selecting the student's name. This works, however the list of students is long and it's a bit of a headache selecting the student from the list of students just to assign the student's ID Number to the Note record being created.

So my question is -

Is it possible to automatically get the "Student's ID Number" (via the related record's click to create a note for a student) at the moment the related record is being created and plug the value of the Student's ID# into the "Notes' Student Name/ID field", so that there is no need to select the student from the dropdown list of students in the "Notes" section? Thereby reducing the amount of effort needed to create a related record in Notes for a Student.

I hope I explained that well.

Thanks, Zicky

Hi Zicky, 

If you click "Create" under your related records section and then look in the URL, there should be a field named "yourtableNum".  If you name your field with that name it should get auto-populated.  

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

That's great Dave!!! Works like a charm!

Hey is it possible to get the record's "Title" field as well using this method? Example "yourtableTitle".

Thanks, Zicky