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I need to list PDF documents across multiple pages. Rather than having to upload multiple copies of the same document, is there a way to link to one single document? At the moment, I have an upload field for umlimited number of uploads in each record of a Multi Editor which ideally I would like to keep because it keeps an association with the page.

The only other way I can think of is to create separate upload records database with keywords, so as to filter which documents go on which page according to a unique key ... which then is problematic because I will want to use across more than one page so the filter would not work.

Is there a way to achieve this in CMSB?

Here is an illustration of how it is vs how I would like it to be:


  • Page 1 - FactoryDrawingZ.pdf
  • Page 7 - FactoryDrawingZ_001.pdf
  • Page 16 - FactoryDrawingZ_002.pdf


  • Page 1 - FactoryDrawingZ.pdf
  • Page 7 - FactoryDrawingZ.pdf
  • Page 16 - FactoryDrawingZ.pdf



There is no shared upload manager in CMS Builder. It's one of the weaknesses that I'm hoping is on their radar for future releases... along with something like Advanced Custom Fields for Wordpress or Matrix Fields for Craft (hint!)

A separate section editor for uploading files could work, but it will have some limitations and inconveniences, and it may not work depending on your specific use case. 

mizrahi: I'm made a note of your feature request.

terryally: For future, check out adding a "Related Records" field with an Add button.  It's a bit more complicated but lets you associate different types of records together.  Say you had 2 sections: companies and locations, you could create another section called companiesToLocations which had fields: num, companyNum, locationNum where those last two fields are pulldowns.  Then in companies you add a related records field that lists companiesToLocations where company num is equal to the current company num.

Let me know next time you want to try that and I can give more of an example.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

I second Mizrahi, suggestion:

- File manager althought i hooked one up,

- Matrix field where you are free to add unlimited fields to create tabular data under or accordions under one record