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By dlsweb - August 28, 2017 - edited: August 30, 2017

After log in, the first time I go to enter or modify a record, it takes a very long time for my form to completely load.
A real problem for my members not seeing everything there 

The form seriously takes 20+ seconds to load completely the first time after login.
I did optimize the DB so no overhead shown hoping that might make a difference.

Any help with that?

Try to inspect with Chrome console to see if it show any error after loading.

By dlsweb - September 6, 2017

thanks much for the reply. 

I don't understand why but I guess it was my computer, (12gig memory and I8 processor), or chrome browser that was the problem. I typically just put it to sleep instead of shutting it down,

It had been literally 21 seconds to load the form, and after computer restart, it loads fine.