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By dlsweb - July 26, 2017

Trying to use plugin to allow signups to enter and edit their listings in a table named festivals.

Is this set correctly?
$GLOBALS['WEBSITE_LOGIN_POST_LOGIN_URL'] = '/festival/admin.php?menu=festivals';
Where I end up is the admin login page to login again.
Should user-login.php go directly to the Festival table?

sign-up contains
mysql_insert('_accesslist', array(
'userNum' => $userNum,
'tableName' => 'festivals', // insert tablename you want to grant access to, or 'all' for all sections
'accessLevel' => '6', // access level allowed: 0=none, 6=author, 9=editor
'maxRecords' => '10', // max listings allowed (leave blank for unlimited)
'randomSaveId' => '123456789', // ignore - for internal use

If I do login again at the admin login, I get
Your account has expired,
even though the default in setup is "never expires"

Help please.