Getting a Fatal Error: Call to undefined function _permalink_getRedirectUrl()

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By craig_bcd - July 5, 2017

i am getting this fatal error message when I try and view photo that was an upload field in the CMS (see cms_photo_upload.png attached). You can see the sort of broken link Not sure why it is a permalinks error since permalinks (while there) is not installed (see attached cms_plugins.png attached).

Fatal error: Call to undefined function _permalink_getRedirectUrl() in /home/xanitoshqadmin/public_html/cmsb/plugins/permalinks/permalinks_dispatcher.php on line 12

I am running cms 3.02, build 2060.


By Dave - July 5, 2017

Hi carig_bcd, 

If you are no longer using permalinks check your .htaccess file and comment out any code that redirects not found urls to permalinks_dispatcher.php.

My guess is that uploaded file got removed or has the wrong upload folder path and the not found URL is being redirected to a permalinks dispatcher that is no longer active.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Dave - July 6, 2017

Hi Craig, 

Are you displaying the images from two different domains with different paths? eg: /assets/images/cmsb/ is needed on one domain but /x/assets/images/cmsb/ is needed on the other domain?

If so, one solution is to use the same domain for everything, eg: to get to the cms.  

Or alternatively setting an absolute url on the Upload Folder Url values in the CMS so the appropriate absolute url can always be determined. eg:

Let me know if either of those options work for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer