Getting a Fatal Error: Call to undefined function _permalink_getRedirectUrl()

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By Dave - July 5, 2017

Hi carig_bcd, 

If you are no longer using permalinks check your .htaccess file and comment out any code that redirects not found urls to permalinks_dispatcher.php.

My guess is that uploaded file got removed or has the wrong upload folder path and the not found URL is being redirected to a permalinks dispatcher that is no longer active.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By craig_bcd - July 5, 2017

Hey Dave - 

Thanks for getting back to me, I did not have permalinks in the subsite but in the parent site and once I removed that it was fine.  However, it is still not giving me the preview and I suspect it is because it is not picking up the correct path.  In this case the primary site is but the subsite is it works totally fine in the code so it is finding (I presume) the relative path correctly but when I update the subsite content in the primary site where the cms is installed I get the broken link issue - i can see the pathing is not correct when I rollover the broken link, it should be but it is showing up as but the website totally finds the photo correctly (which ultimately is  I have included screen shots of the (where the cms is installed - cms_uploads_dir.png) and the section of the site that has the subsite content where I am having the issue (cms_leadership_custom_uploads_dir.png)




By Dave - July 6, 2017

Hi Craig, 

Are you displaying the images from two different domains with different paths? eg: /assets/images/cmsb/ is needed on one domain but /x/assets/images/cmsb/ is needed on the other domain?

If so, one solution is to use the same domain for everything, eg: to get to the cms.  

Or alternatively setting an absolute url on the Upload Folder Url values in the CMS so the appropriate absolute url can always be determined. eg:

Let me know if either of those options work for you.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer