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Hi all,

I am using the csv export plugin to export all my accounts/user table. Within the control panel if I edit any of the records there is a section relating to the tables they have access to and at what level.  When I export the user table that information isnt included in the csv file.  How do I export the user file complete with those settings please? Once that is done I want to edit the table so that table access value is changed to correspond to the new table names prior to importing to the rewritten site.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi willydoit, 

The access levels are stored in a table called "_accesslist" which you could access here: admin.php?menu=_accesslist  Note that you might get some PHP errors as it's not intended for you to access directly.  But I tested and you can CSV Export for there.

It's not really designed to do that though and may not work as you intend.  What might be easier is to use the Admin > Backup & Restore menu and export the accounts and _accesslist tables and edit those.  Still you're going to working with a lot of internal undocumented data.

What are you wanting to do? 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer