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I just upgrade a cmsb install to v3.09

first after upgrading my plugins where all deactivated.
I activated my import csv

and when trying to import a users file i got the next error

Analysing Data

  • Status: Error: There was an error sending the request! (200 parsererror) parsererror - SyntaxError: Unexpected token F in JSON at position 0
  • Total Records: 0
  • Total Columns: 0

Can some one tell me whats up?

thnx Maurice


Hi Maurice,

I'm not able to recreate the error message when I'm using CMS Builder 3.09, CSV Import 1.10 and the Chrome browser.

Can you send me (damon@interactivetools.com) the CSV file you are trying to import for me to test with?


Damon Edis

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