I'm trying to activate Permalinks 1.08 in a fresh install of CMSB v3.09 (Build 2133) and I'm receiving the following error "MySQL Error - by permalink_cms_onInstallCreateSchemas()"

Please advise.

Thank you

yes got the same error 

MySQL Error - by permalink_cms_onInstallCreateSchemas()

just so u know



Hi Guys, 

Thanks, we're working on a fix for this.  Here's a temporary workaround: 

  • Edit /plugins/permalinks/permalinks_cmsMenus.php
  • Search for: function permalink_cms_onInstallCreateSchemas
  • Replace this: 
  • function permalink_cms_onInstallCreateSchemas() {
      global $TABLE_PREFIX;

  • With this: 
  • function permalink_cms_onInstallCreateSchemas() {

      global $TABLE_PREFIX;

Let me know if that works for you and we'll keep working on an official fix.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

If you've attempted to activate the plugin without first adding the "workaround code fix", be sure to remove the tables "_permalinks". otherwise you'll encounter errors when trying to access Permalinks DB

Hi All, 

This issue has been resolved with the latest CMSB v3.10 release.  So if anyone has issues in future you can download the latest version here:


Dave Edis - Senior Developer