considerations when upgrading to version 3.09?

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By ross - May 17, 2017

Hi Deborah

Thanks for posting.

The upgrade of CMS Builder itself isn't going to impact your viewer pages code.  

It's only when PHP on your server is upgraded to version 7.x that you might find some older code needs to also be updated.

Even then, it will only be code that has been manually written outside of CMS Builder's code generator.

Do you have a dev server?  Or perhaps a local WAMP server? 

If you have either, you can switch those to PHP 7 and install your website.That will give you a good idea of anything that needs to be adjusted.

Does that all make sense? 

Let me know any questions or feedback.

Ross Fairbairn - Consulting

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By Deborah - May 17, 2017

Hi, Ross.

That's comforting to know the generated viewer code of those older CMSB versions won't be affected.

What I might do is kick off CMSB 3.09 and PHP 7 on one of my new installations and see if there's anything in my usual code "library" customizations that would need adjustment. Once I get through that, I'll start upgrades on many of my older installs.

I have Cloud Linux on my dedicated server, so I can toggle PHP on a per-domain basis, which is sweet! (Just haven't tried PHP 7 on any sites yet.)

Thanks for the reply!

~ Deborah