Field 'authkey' doesn't have a default value

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By Toledoh - May 7, 2017

Hi Guys.

I'm trying to quickly update a site to capture standard emailForm.php type input and add the data to the newsletter subscribers table...

I'm using the following, but get the error: Field 'authkey' doesn't have a default value.

mysqlStrictMode( false );

$colsToValues = array(
'email' => $_REQUEST['email'],
'first_name' => $_REQUEST['fullname'],
'phone' => $_REQUEST['phone'],
'authkey' => _nlb_generateAuthKey()
$recordNum = mysql_insert('_nlb_subscribers', $colsToValues, true);
$subscriber = mysql_get('_nlb_subscribers', $recordNum);

Any ideas?


Tim (

By Toledoh - May 15, 2017

Thanks Ross - that's done the trick.


Tim (