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By gversion - April 19, 2017


I am not sure if this is a CMSB or PHP setting but is there any way I can define the "from" name that appears when an email template is sent?

I know I can define the "from" email address I would like to define the name of the person that the email is sent from (i.e. the First Name, Last Name).

I have tried to configure the "first name" and "last name" of my email account via the ISP settings but this doesn't seem to have made any difference. So I was wondering if there was a PHP variable that I could define somewhere.

Thanks for any help you can offer.



By gversion - April 21, 2017

Hi Ross,

I can see how to change the "FROM" address but it was the name of the person that I was looking to change. I think this seems to be achieved via the email account (i.e. Gmail settings) so not actually via CMSB or PHP.

Thanks anyway,