posting to social media from CMS Builder

By Deborah - April 7, 2017

I have a client who would like to have CMS Builder blog post entries automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, and possibly Instagram.

I see the "Twitter Post" add-on in the list of available add-ons... okay, one down!

What solution would we have for integrating posts with Facebook or Instagram? I am not seeing any add-ons, but maybe there's a shortcut method that will at least save the person some steps? I found older online articles about setting up an RSS in the Facebook "Notes" feature, but then read in more recent articles that the functionality of that no longer allows for RSS feeds.

Any suggestions, anyone?

~ Deborah

By Toledoh - April 7, 2017

Hey Deb.

I had Greg custom code something for me a while ago which is really like a "share" function built in to CMSB.  The user has to be logged into their accounts, as they would if they used share buttons on any other site.  It also uses bitly to shorten the URL for twitter posts. (see attached).  Maybe he could modify for your needs.

It's pretty simple, but to integrate into facebook and twitter API's etc was outside of my budget.  Although it's something that I would love to progress if there was a collective of people willing to pay for development.


Tim Forrest

Toledoh Enterprises

By Deborah - April 11, 2017

Tim, I appreciate the information and screenshot. I'm curious as to how the plugin functions for the user and will contact Interactive Tools support to find out.

Thanks again!

By Djulia - April 15, 2017

Hi Deborah, hi Tim,

You can perhaps consult this page. The tutorial is simple and you can use a filter (listRow_actionLinks) to add a button of publication (as in the screen shot of Tim).

I hope that can help you.


P.s.: Thank you Tim for your contributions on the forum.

By Toledoh - April 15, 2017

Djulia, I think you were the first of many to help me in these forums many years ago. Thank you!


Tim Forrest

Toledoh Enterprises