Field Editor: Added "crop" feature for upload field's thumbnail images

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By Zicky - March 11, 2017

How do you enable or get to the "Field Editor: Added "crop" feature for upload fields" in CMSBuilder, I can't find it, nor any way to enable it. I must be missing something. does  actually allow image cropping, or only resizes images on the fly during uploads?

i need a feature that allows an image to be cropped during or after upload... That is not necessarily porportionaly  same in height or width. So that I can create horizontals or verticals of a different proportion from the original. 


By Deborah - March 11, 2017

Zicky, I believe the image 'crop' feature became available as of version 3.06.

To activate the cropping, you would tick the "crop" checkbox in the upload settings for a thumbnail, as per the attached screenshot.

Instructions in the CMS explain, "If cropped, the images are resized to fill up the selected width and height."

This feature performs the crop/fill on-the-fly during the upload and does not allow manipulation of the cropped region by the person uploading. If find it useful when displaying small thumbnails as in a news list page.

~ Deborah


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