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By Zicky - February 21, 2017

In response to: [url ""]Spambot Email Protector issue[/url], ...

Spambot Email Protector plugin has been running on my website I'm running CMSB 2.51 for a few years without any issues.

Today it started scrambling the email address in strange characters and the mailto: click to start new email message function no longer works. 

It started doing the similar strange characters as the previous post:

pau<!-- aax -->l<!-- xgf -->@mu<!-- djv --><span>r</span>i<!-- ofo --><!-- zai -->k

I tried the suggestion of adjusting, disabling and enabling various possible configurations of the SEP_ENCODING_METHODS within the plugin, but that didn't work either, except for the solution provided below. But I'm able to copy and paste the email addresses straight from the website now.

In response to: [url ""]Spambot Email Protector issue[/url], ...

// Encoding Options - to disable an encoding method set to false;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['decEntity']   = true;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['hexEntity']   = true;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['urlEncoding'] = true;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['jsUnicode']   = true;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['bdo']         = false;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['comments']    = false;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['tags']        = false;
$GLOBALS['SEP_ENCODING_METHODS']['jsLocation']  = true;

Any other suggestions? 

By celuch - March 2, 2017

Also, is there a way to add ?subject=  , etc. to email without breaking spambot protection.  It works perfectly unless I try to add additional info.


By gregThomas - March 9, 2017

Hey Celuch, 

I've done some testing locally, but I wasn't able to recreate the issue. I tried opening a link with a subject in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser, each time the link loaded correctly in my email client. 

Is this issue happening in particular browser, or with a particular email client? Would it be possible to send me the link you're testing with?

Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -