Re: Spambot Email Protector issue - email addresses scramble and will not work

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By Dave - February 28, 2017

Hi Zicky, 

Are you able to post an url to a page that demonstrates the problem?  The simpler the page the better. 

Let me know, thanks!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By celuch - March 2, 2017

Also, is there a way to add ?subject=  , etc. to email without breaking spambot protection.  It works perfectly unless I try to add additional info.


By gregThomas - March 9, 2017

Hey Celuch, 

I've done some testing locally, but I wasn't able to recreate the issue. I tried opening a link with a subject in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser, each time the link loaded correctly in my email client. 

Is this issue happening in particular browser, or with a particular email client? Would it be possible to send me the link you're testing with?

Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -