spambotEmailProtector Encoding problem on save to CSV file

By Deborah - February 12, 2017

Zicky, I've not tried this myself, but in the version 2.01 readme file is this tip:

To disable this plugin for specific PHP pages put this code at the very top:

<?php $GLOBALS['SEP_DISABLED'] = true; // Disable Spambot Email Protector ?>

~ Deborah

By Zicky - February 12, 2017

Hey Deborah,

I completely overlooked that in the readme.txt file. I feel stupid. : )

I added the line of code, but it didn't work immediately. I took a closer look and realized that I also had an older version of the "spambot Email Protector" running. So I updated the plugin, reactivated the updated plugin, and once I updated it and added the line of code to the top of my page it worked like a charm.

Thank you for your help!

All the best, Zicky

By ross - February 14, 2017

Hi Zicky

Looks like Deborah got you on the right track.

Glad that worked out :).

Keep me up to date with how you are making out.


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