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By nmsinc - December 28, 2016 - edited: December 28, 2016

Just moved one of our websites to a new server and now I'm getting a problem with a page that has always worked. The error log in CMS states this:

/home/claimsca/public_html/cmsAdmin/lib/common.php (line 1694)

The page which zips and then attaches files and then emails them shows an error as follows:

MySQL Error: Incorrect string value: '\x87\xBDB\xE6_\xE4...' for column 'symbol_table' at row 1 - in errorlog_functions.php on line 200 by mysql_insert()

I think it's do to PECL not being installed. I can do this, but I need to know which Module should be installed for this to work and does the php.ini need to be updated with the module extension?



By Dave - December 30, 2016

Hi nmsinc, 

Are you running the latest version?  If not can you try upgrading?  There shouldn't be anything in the latest version that could cause that first error.

Let me know if there's still issues after that.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Dave - January 3, 2017

Hi nmsinc, 

I'm not sure which CMSB version you're on, but here's some background and fixes to move things forward.

The _FLASH_COOKIE_BUG_FIX_ is used for the flash uploader.  So you should be able to safely hide the undefined errors.  Here's what we have in the latest version in /lib/common.php

function isFlashUploader() {
if (!@$_REQUEST['_FLASH_UPLOADER_'] && !@$_REQUEST['_FLASH_COOKIE_BUG_FIX_']) { return false; }

Next, my first guess on the "Incorrect string value: " error is that it's got some binary data or invalid UTF-8 data in there.  The "Symbol Table" is field in the error log tracks what all the defined variables were at the time of the error.  You don't really need it unless you're specifically using it.  What we've done in recent versions is log the error, and then force the content to utf-8 and update the record after so if the script crashes due to invalid data or memory issues we still get the error.

For your purposes, though, if you edit lib/error_functions.php, search for "symbol_table" and update this line as follows: 

'symbol_table'    => "Symbol table logging has been manually disabled in /lib/error_functions.php",  // to avoid mysql "Incorrect string value" error

Let me know if that works for you.

What you may find, is that after you make those changes, you get an actually error logging correctly.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By nmsinc - January 10, 2017

Hi Dave,

Those changes worked!