simpleCart IPN Filter

By Perchpole - September 23, 2016

Hello, All -

I want to add some sort of IPN filter to my set-up to differentiate between simpleCart purchases and other PayPal activity.

As things are, any activity involving the same PayPal account will cause simpleCart to respond - often in error! Cases can include refunds or people paying money directly into the account via the PayPal portal.

I want to ensure that simpleCart only processes simpleCart orders and ignores everything else.



By ross - September 26, 2016

Hi Perch

Thanks for posting.  

We don't support SimpleCart via the forum.

If you'd like to have a more in-depth conversation, you can email us through

Having said that, my first thought is that all transactions created by SimpleCart (ie: orders from your website) will be passing the "custom" field.

And I doubt any transactions you manually created will pass the "custom" field.

Based on this, you could modify SimpleCart to only process orders that include the "custom" field and skip any others.

Note: I recommend you move any customized Simple Cart functions into customCart.php if they are not already there.

You can forward any further questions to


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