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By theclicklab - September 22, 2016

Just noticed something odd with the backup plugin for a client site. Backup is supposed to be daily but I'm seeing many backups each day each with strange file names which have spammy domain names included. See attached. 

Any ideas what is causing this?


backup-files.jpg 146K

By theclicklab - September 22, 2016

OK, so it looks like an old version of the plugin. Just upgraded to version 1.04. 

By Damon - September 23, 2016


If you have the Exploit Scanner tool, run it on the site to see if there has been any malicious code inserted into any other the site files:

You host may have scanning tools as well. Those weird file names should not be there.

Let me know what the results are. If it turns out that the site has been hacked, here is a good resource to help:

Damon Edis -

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