Developer Console v1.04 and Grey Hidden Records v1.01 Released!

By Daryl - May 9, 2016

Hi all,

We've just released new version of the following plugins:

Developer Console v1.04
- Fixed issue where console wouldn't work if admin script wasn't named admin.php
- Pressing "enter" will now execute the shell command
- Added "User Features" setting: If enabled, pressing ctrl + ` will open a new MySql Console tab

Grey Hidden Records v1.01
- Added option to add specific fields with custom conditions for greying out records

Please feel free to post any questions/feedback.


Daryl Maximo
PHP Programmer -

Great to see these developed further. The customization options are really appreciated!

This new greyHiddenRecords only works for CMSBuilder v.3+. For those of us still working with some v.2 sites, is there a way to limit the styling to a particular table? I've tried variations on the following with no luck:

// register callbacks
addFilter('listRow_trStyle',      'style_certain_records_listRow_trStyle', null, 3);

// **** KEY LINE FOLLOWS ****
function style_certain_records_listRow_trStyle($trStyle, $tableName = "cms_sc_orders", $record) {
    if (!@$record['hidden']) { // All non-hidden records are scanned for new rules.

        // Not locked, but no other checks - should highlight odd situations.
        if(!@$record['locked'] AND !@$record['paid'] AND @$record['order_id'])         
            { return "color: rgb(200,200,200);".$trStyle;  } 
            // pale grey, Order_ID added only to limit styling to Orders table.

    } // end rules for non-hidden fields

  return "color: #CCC;"; // default hidden style


function style_certain_records_listRow_trStyle($trStyle, "cms_sc_orders", $record) {
    if (!@$record['hidden']) { // All non-hidden records are scanned for new rules.
// ... styling rules here...
return "color: #CCC;"; // default hidden style

In both these cases we're trying to limit these styling rules to affect only the _sc_orders table.

Any ideas?


Perfect. Thanks Daryl!